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It's been a year. Why hasn't vets' suicide hotline fixed its problems?
 More than a year after an investigation, the government agency that manages the nation's suicide-prevention hotline for veterans

Vietnam Veterans Experience PTSD in Retirement for the First Time
The U.S. Census shows Florida is home to nearly half a million Vietnam veterans. The VA’s health clinic in Cape Coral alone served 37,000 of them last year—and the number of Vietnam veteran baby boomers retiring to Southwest Florida just keeps increasing. 

The war that lasts a lifetime: Vietnam vet battles ailments decades after war
Jim Milburn noticed a blotchy, orange-tinted discoloration to his skin shortly after returning from the Vietnam War.

More drug theft at VA: Recent cases involving health clinics
Government data obtained by The Associated Press show more cases of opioid drug theft or missing prescriptions at Department of Veterans Affairs health facilities despite new prevention efforts. 

A group of deported veterans in Tijuana spent Memorial Day preparing for an important meeting with seven members of Congress.

President Trump has some unwavering support from a very unique demographic: Republican military veterans. An extensive new Pew Research Center reveals that 98 percent of these GOP vets approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing. He has some fans across the greater population of vets as well. The poll also found that 54 percent of them also approve of the president.

Six months ago, members of Congress asked the Department of Labor to change rules that were shielding the identity of employers who routinely run afoul of a landmark law meant to protect the jobs of U.S. service members and reservists when they are called to duty

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