Memorial Day reflections by Korean War veteran

Across the U.S., Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and an ongoing effort to keep the legacy of America’s fallen soldiers front and center.

As grills are fired up and bargain shoppers search for Memorial Day discounts, Ernie Hoelscher, a veteran of the Korean War, hopes that Americans find a moment to honor the sacrifices of brave service members, who gave their lives to protect liberty and defend democracy.

“Memorial Day is a moment for me to remember all the soldiers I’ve seen who are not here any more,” Hoelscher said. “When I think about some of the battles I’ve been through, I’m glad that I’m still here.”     Memorial Day Reflections


 Korean War veteran Ernie Hoelscher holds a case containing two Bronze Stars, a United Nations Medal and numerous other medals earned for his military service between 1952-1954.

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