Latest News for Vets

 A former physician assistant charged with physically abusing patients at a Kansas veterans hospital told law enforcement investigators that he failed to control urges and molested veterans entrusted to his care.

A 67-year-old veteran from Geneseo, Illinois, pleaded guilty to stolen valor charges on Aug. 22, after misleading the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Justice announced.

President Donald Trump last week directed the Pentagon to stop recruiting openly transgender people to serve in the military, and Defense Secretary James Mattis today said he will appoint an expert panel to determine whether to allow trans members currently enlisted to continue their service. 

More veterans, military and medical organizations have come out against legislation limiting medical experiments on dogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With America's fourth-largest city under water, up to 13 million people impacted across Texas and Louisiana and at least 15 deaths, Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc across the southern U.S.

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