Social Security blames bad VA data for payouts to deceased veterans


Despite being dead for years, hundreds of veterans remained on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) payroll and received nearly $38 million in benefits, according to a report from the Social Security inspector general.

The report showed inaccurate death records at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the VA’s failure to share monthly death reports with the SSA. The communication gap resulted in an estimated $37.7 million being inappropriately doled out to 746 people.  Social Security blames bad VA data for payouts to deceased veterans

Latest News for Vets

An Army veteran from Reno County was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to pay $70,000 in restitution for benefits he received by pretending to be blind.

A federal trial for two Little Rock businessmen accused of tricking the government into awarding them construction contracts worth millions of dollars got off to a slow 

Cara Bird received an 18-month suspended sentence and was ordered to pay back $4,389 that she stole over three years as treasurer of the Winslow VFW Auxiliary

The U.S. military will deploy additional launchers for an advanced missile-defense system Thursday in a remote area of South Korea despite local protests, the defense ministry said.

Protesters rallied outside McGuire VA Medical Center Wednesday night demanding the hospital stop using dogs in deadly medical research.

The Metro-Detroit housing market is finally heating up again after years of decline. Currently inventory is low, but demand is high.

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