By Cpl. Tony Fialkowski & Marnie Mowles

Since it seems Bowe Bergdahl may be charged with desertion, If he ever stands trial, what do you think would be the appropriate punishment if he's found guilty?

Vet's View with Cpl. Tony Fialkowski & Marnie Mowles

Sgt. Chuck Lewis:
First off, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has not been charged with anything.
I believe that the Army would like to get this into the open... But if it did and desertion is the charge, it wouldn't put Mr. Obama in a very good light.
  Which, in my opinion is why the Army is dragging their feet.
  I believe that Bowe Bergdahl should be sentenced to death, for treason.
  Too many good men lost their life when they went looking for Bowe Bergdahl. Thinking that he was kidnapped, when in reality, Bowe abandoned  his posts and joined  the enemy. So in the Military  we call people like Bowe Bergdahl  a traitor and he should pay with his life.
(Ret.) SSG. Vidro H
Wounded In OIF 2003

Sgt. Rick Mowles: Bowe Bergdahl  clearly  is guilty of Desertion as described under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 87. There are different circumstances listed under  this  article which relate to Desertion. He disgraced  himself, his unit,  and the United Stated  of America. He was responsible for the deaths of  fellow soldiers who went looking for him. He should be given a Dishonorable Discharge; have forfeiture of all pays and allowances; reduction to the lowest enlisted rank and be   confined  in the US Military  Prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for two years.
  Now, the more serious aspect  of this case is the  actions of the Commander in Chief.  
  Obama released  the most savage leaders of the Taliban for this deserter. Bergdahl was hailed as a hero  with a White House reception. This is disgraceful, not only to the Armed Forces  of this country but to the office of the president. Right now, the entire judicial proceedings are being delayed  and drawn  out as the White House  is trying to figure  how to get out of the mistake it made in this exchange. I smell  another Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious scandal in the wind. Obama should  be tried for treason and impeached  for allowing a deserter  to be exchanged  for these savages.

Cpl. Tony Fialkowski: Bowe Bergdahl deserted  his post and looked to join  our enemy. This is desertion  in the face of the enemy and he should be hung or shot.  I fear he'll get off lightly  knowing how liberal  our government  has become.

Dusty Williams: I doubt the politicians  will ever go back to the firing  squad. I feel the minimum  penalty  for desertion  should be dishonorable  discharge and life at Leavenworth.

Stanley Hroszowy: Bowe Bergdahl's  Punishment should and must be public  humiliation with all strips removed from his uniform with buttons removed, his cap removed and torn.Any patches, ribbons, etc. removed busted  to the lowest rank of private.  Loss of all pay from the day he left his post. Lose any vacation earned, and sentenced to 20 years hard labor busting the biggest rocks that can be found in the brig at Fort Leavenworth in Kentucky or some other Army Base. Or even better he should face the firing squad and shot.  
Gerald Anderson: He deserted and teamed up with the enemy. He should be tried for Treason and that's punishable by death!  (Of course the White House Wimp traded (5) Islamic Terrorists for Bergdahl's yellow bellied ass, so we can't count on that while he shames, dirties and defames our Oval Office). Doesn't it amaze you there are at least 60,000,000 idiots in America that would elect that lying, phony, worthless Dude, not once but twice!!!  "Swede" USMC

Sgt. Bob Rader: I don't think the charge of desertion is official yet.  But, this slimeball,  who still is free to roam, deserves to spend at least 20 years in a military prison.  That is the minimum sentence I would like to see imposed.  However, I doubt that under the current administration he will be courtmartialed.  The stall is in play.

Frank Theis: Hanging, as it is said in the UCMJ  is the penalty  for Desertion in the Face of the Enemy and the  POTUS that traded  5 high ranking  enemy  prisoners  and money for him should be tried for treason and haned as well.

Ken Hanks:  He's a deserter and if found guilty, should face the maximum penalty. Six heroes lost their lives attempting to find him and we traded 5 high valued terrorists for him. Those terrorist will now kill more innocent humans and our military men/women. Death would be too kind for the pain and suffering Burgdahl has caused. Our President gave in to his Islamic brothers and trade one chucklehead for five terrorists. Should have threatened to kill those five if they harmed any Americans! "Eye for an Eye" as they are not legal combatan's and are not protected by the Geneva Convention, let alone that they would comply. Remember, our troops were tortured, burned, beheaded and dragged through the streets. THAT is what we need to remember. I'll step off my soap box.

Norman N Hendrickson:  Found guilty: Death. His desertion resulted in the loss of 6 soldiers who went looking for him.
Mark Sirico: Bergdhal should be court marshaled and  sent to Leavenworth prison.

Joey Johansen:
Life in Prison. Six souls died to find his ass and I have reason to believe he has treason on his ass as well.

Anonymous: I think he should be made to repay every dime he got plus interest  then shot, drawn, and and quartered.

Michel Penrod: Full Extent of the Law and I think he is "GUILTY" - I have no use for him or any of his family especially his father.

Bob Calvert: I am not sure I can speak of a punishment . We have heard comments  from some of his soldiers  who served with him. Probably some of them will  testify. I do have faith in our Court System

I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.

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