Boston VA office incorrectly processed 1 in 6 traumatic brain injury cases:
‘An absolute travesty’


The Veterans Administration benefits office in Boston has bungled traumatic brain injury claims at an alarming rate, flunking inspections and cutting inaccurate disability checks — shortchanging some local war heroes out of thousands of dollars, a Herald review found.

A 2015 inspection of the Boston VA Regional Office, the most recent one conducted, found an “unacceptable” error rate in assessing the degree of disability in traumatic brain injury claims — one in six of the cases the VA inspector general reviewed that year — despite a warning four years earlier to add more oversight and safeguards.

Traumatic brain injury is a signature injury among vets returning from the IED-plagued battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. They often suffer complex, long-term health problems, including cognitive and behavioral deficits. More

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