Supreme Court rules in veteran's favor in closely watched divorce settlement case


The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday, in the case of Howell v. Howell, that a state court cannot offset the loss of a divorced spouse’s portion of a veteran's retirement benefits when that veteran waives retirement pay in favor of disability pay. The issue has been hotly debated for years. 

In 1991, a court awarded Sandra Howell half of Air Force veteran John Howell’s retirement pay when the couple was divorced. However, after becoming aware in 2005 that he was eligible for disability benefits, John, who had received a 20 percent disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs, elected to waive $250 of his $1,500 a month in retirement pay, which is taxable, in favor of $250 monthly disability pay from the VA, which is not taxable. That reduced Sandra's monthly divorce settlement by $125, so she went back to court, arguing that she should get half of what his retirement pay would have been if he had not opted for disability pay. Supreme Court

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​A congressional committee approved legislation Wednesday that would restrict and, in many cases, forbid union activities by employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs during work hours.

House committee moves bill to prohibit smoking at VA facilities  ​    The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs voted unanimously by voice vote Wednesday to move forward with legislation that would immediately ban smoking inside Department of Veterans Affairs facilities and require the agency to eliminate outdoor smoking areas by 2022.

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The cases stem from a request last fall by a veterans advocate for an incident report related to a potentially hazardous liquid oxygen leak in May at the veterans home at King.

DSS to install VA patient self-scheduling system
18-month, $19 million contract to install an online patient self-scheduling system for the Veterans Affairs Department to be via the Internet or on mobile devices.

Peters Cosponsors Bill to Help Veterans Exposed to Toxic Burn Pits
“When veterans are exposed to harmful substances in service to our nation, we must ensure they can receive the necessary medical care
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