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Latest News for Vets

  • NRA TV Interview On Veterans 2nd Amendment Rights
    The current state of administrative law within VA allows the agency to adjudicate whether a veteran is competent to handle their finances. If the veteran is not competent, VA will appoint a fiduciary and the veteran loses all control of their VA benefits.
    Contrary to distortions primarily from liberal media sources, the bill is not intended to give mentally incompetent people the right to own guns. That is not what this is about. More

    VA exempts more vacant jobs from federal hiring freeze

    Rural Vets May See More Options for Telemedicine
    The Veterans Affairs Department is researching how to improve the quality of care for veterans in rural areas with serious or chronic conditions.  More

    Supreme Court to hear dispute on pension payments in Arizona divorce
    When John and Sandra Howell divorced in 1991, they decided Mrs. Howell would get half of her ex-husband’s Air Force pension. More

    Chicago family fighting to stop the deportation of veteran who served 2 tours in Afghanistan

    Army Private First Class Miguel Perez, Jr., 38, says he has been fighting deportation for roughly five years after mistakenly believing his service in the military made him a U.S. citizen by default.  More

    House bill advances to allow alternative treatments for Florida veterans suffering brain injuries, PTSD
    A Florida House committee unanimously advanced a first-of-its-kind bill Monday to allow alternative treatments for veterans diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD  More

    Dierks Bentley theme bar in Arizona sorry for turning away tattooed vet
    GILBERT, Ariz. — A Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row here has issued a public apology days after staff turned away a customer, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq, because of his neck tattoo.  More


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