An animal rights group accused the Department of Veterans Affairs of dog abuse including conducting experiments like inducing heart attacks.

For decades, VA has been accused of experimenting on veterans without much fanfare. Now, an animal rights group is highlighting problems with VA experiments conducted, not on veterans this time, but on dogs, amounting to dog abuse.

The group, White Coat Waste Project (Project), focuses on taxpayer-funded animal experiments. They say the experiments are being conducted at various VA facilities with the most disturbing being at McGuire VA in Richmond, Virginia. More


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Latest News for Vets

  • The VA overpaid tens of thousands of veterans, and now it says they have to give the money back
    Every month since June 2009, Tad Steckler has received a disability benefits check from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Steckler retired from the Army at age 40 as a master sergeant with a Soldier’s Medal for heroism, More

    Here’s The Excuse Landlord Has For Kicking Out 92-Year-Old Veteran Who Beat Cancer
    A 92-year-old World War II veteran and skin cancer survivor has been given less than a month to vacate his apartment or deal with the police. Paul Mayer has called the apartment his home for 44-years and lives in a rent-controlled block in San Jose, California. More

    Lawmakers: March 29 will honor Vietnam veterans nationally
    Over the past few decades, a generation of Vietnam veterans have received overdue gratitude – parades and special services across the country – for their service and sacrifices in the contentious war.  More

    U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Cosponsors Legislation to Overhaul Broken VA Appeals Process
    VA appeals process has not been updated since 1933, more than 450,000 appeals are currently pending More

    BANGOR, Maine -- Lawmakers from Maine long have fought to get a medal created for those who served in the military during the Cold War, a   More

    Gonzalez asks Trump to expedite repatriation of deported veterans
    U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-McAllen, sent a letter Monday to President Donald Trump asking him to issue an executive order to expedite the process of repatriating thousands of U.S. military veterans who have been deported.  More

    ​Veterans Corner
    Q: I have several chronic medical conditions that require frequent monitoring and visits to the VA Clinic to control and treat. I have heard other veterans talk about a VA program called Home Telehealth. What is that program? Would it reduce the frequency with which I have to go to the clinic for monitoring?  More

    Bill introduced in House of Representatives to help veterans exposed to burn pits
    Reps. Elizabeth Esty, Ryan Costello and Betty McCollum introduced the Helping Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits Act, which seeks to create a VA center focused on the “diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, and   More


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