For too many in media and government who talk about bolstering accountability in the Department of Veterans Affairs, the notion is abstract; a talking point that sounds great for pontificating on how veterans ought to be treated. No matter how many times the public hears a congressional or agency official give assurances that change is coming in VA, it remains impossible for many veterans, in their everyday experiences with VA, to reconcile those assurances against continued evidence of a broken system.

A system where, even in today’s post-Phoenix VA era, a clerk at an admissions desk at the Washington, D.C. VA won’t let a veteran looking for help interrupt her breakfast at the desk. A system where a paralyzed veteran still cannot get a wheelchair ordered timely at the Richmond VA Prosthetics Office due to veteran-unfriendly policies. Both of these things happened to me personally.   More


The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs,held a hearing entitled, “Shaping the Future: Consolidating and Improving VA Community Care,” March 7, 2017.
VA photo/ Robert Turtil

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  • Drexel professor wanted to 'vomit' after service member given courtesy on plane
    An anti-white Drexel professor said he was disgusted a fellow traveler gave up their seat for a uniformed member of the military. More

    Partial VA benefits restored to widow of vet who shot himself
    The widow of a vet who shot and killed himself March 5 inside the rented Castaic home they shared and who, then saw her benefits cut off by the Veterans   More

    Vietnam vets reflect on life in the trenches, ostracization and yearning for acceptance
    As the country was dealing with political divisions drawn between the establishment and anti-war movement and played out on the streets, the soldiers came home without parades or fanfare. Some were ostracized More

    Women Veterans changing VA care practices
    Younger women Veterans are coming to the VA for primary care, mental health care, emergency care and even maternity care.  More

    Sex Scandal Alleged At VA
    “Two married employees of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Columbia have used taxpayer funds to conduct an extramarital affair during training trips around the country on the taxpayers’ dime,” an anonymous tipster familiar with the situation told us. More

    MN veteran's story prompts national changes
    The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to shut down an antiquated phone center and re-route calls from veterans to a modern facility in the More

    When veterans become cops, some bring war home
    William Thomas, a retired Newark police sergeant, left his home in a body bag.
    To his dismay, he was still very much alive   More

    Attention veterans: Get discharge papers in order
    Vietnam veterans: Don’t be caught dead without your DD-214.  More

    The VA overpaid tens of thousands of veterans, and now it says they have to give the money back
    Every month since June 2009, Tad Steckler has received a disability benefits check from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Steckler retired from the Army at age 40 as a master sergeant with a Soldier’s Medal for heroism, More

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