The aftermath of a bombing raid over Homs, Syria, in 2012. Freedom House under a Creative Commons Licence
U.S. servicemen say expanded intervention risks 'worst-case scenario' of regional conflict

Almost as soon as the first cruise missile struck Syrian government forces Thursday evening, a furious debate over the prudence of the action began to build. While the strike was among the first actions taken by President Donald Trump to garner bipartisan support from lawmakers, it generated intense criticism within much of Trump’s base. This includes veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, many of whom were drawn to Trump’s campaign message of avoiding entanglement in Middle Eastern conflicts, particularly in regards to Syria.

“I was hoping for non-intervention foreign policy. I didn’t expect him to cave so soon,” said Michael Mazzuto, a Marine Corps Infantry Sergeant who served in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005, and was wounded in Ramadi in 2006, “With Hillary, I think they would have bombed a month sooner, but I don’t think there’s any difference now.” More


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  • Veterans Affairs Almost Gave Away Veteran MVP Genomic Data To Russian Affiliated Company
    In December, VA was just days away from giving access to veteran MVP genomic data without completing a due diligence review of a Russian affiliated company. More

    Trump’s Cabinet stacked with advisers who have military ties
    One-third – or eight out of 24 — of Trump’s Cabinet-level picks have served in the military. More

    Saving Illinois heroes from bureaucracy
    This month marks the three-year anniversary of the earth-shattering scandal involving veteran health care at the Phoenix VA.  More

    Syrian refugees, U.S. vets come together in Georgia amid dark times

    Organized by a Syrian-American doctor who came here as a refugee and a decorated U.S. veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan,  More

    Soldiers Home superintendent, top nurse fired after DSHS review

    The state Department of Veterans Affairs dismissed both the Washington Soldiers Home’s superintendent and director of nursing services after a state survey showed 11 of 88 residents suffered More

    Filipino Bataan Death March survivors mark 75th anniversary
    Ramon Regalado was starving and sick with malaria when he slipped away from his Japanese captors  More

    Tiny-home project geared to veterans
    Will Hanna wasn't aware of any resources to help veterans transition to civilian life when he returned from military service in Vietnam. A new housing project might change that for future veterans.   More

    Atlanta VA Study Finds that a Smartphone-Enabled Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Leads to Higher Adherence and Improved Veteran Outcomes More

    Trump's federal hiring freeze is starting to hit veterans, Social Security recipients
    Federal agencies lose about 10 percent of their workforce each year, and the VA has an unusually large 45,000 positions unfilled. More

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