An employee at the embattled Veterans Affairs hospital in Arizona is facing a punishment ranging from “reprimand to removal,” Fox News has learned, for publicly revealing the name of a colleague he claims harassed him after the whistle-blower exposed exceedingly long wait times for patients at the Phoenix facility.

In a letter dated March 30, the VA accused scheduling manager Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez of violating “privacy standards you are expected to enforce [and] breaching your responsibilities as a supervisor,” by sending the media a copy of an email he wrote to the hospital director that detailed alleged harassment and included the name of a colleague as one of the top offenders.

The VA claims divulging the name of a fellow employee violates its policy prohibiting release of “Sensitive Personal Information” (SPI) without permission. This includes “education, financial transactions, medical history, criminal or employment history, and information that can be used to distinguish or trace the individual’s identity.”   More

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  • Veterans Affairs Tries New Angle To Silence Whistleblowers, Attacks Free Speech
    The Department of Veterans Affairs has concocted a new scheme to silence whistleblowers who publicly disclose certain whistleblower retaliation facts.  More

    Q: I served in the “blue water” Navy offshore from Vietnam during that war. I never stepped foot on Vietnamese soil, but have now been told I have Type II diabetes. More

    Changes in Veterans Benefits Ahead: Plan Accordingly
    The Veterans Administration offers assistance to low-income veterans and surviving spouses, 65 years and older, through its Special Pension or Aid and Attendance programs. More

    Administration officials move slowly to fill open VA leadership posts

    Two months into his tenure as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin still doesn’t have most of his top team in place. 
    But that could change in coming weeks.  More

    Portland VA to temporarily stop removing vets from caregiver program

    Under pressure from Oregon's congressional leaders, the Portland VA said Monday that it has temporarily stopped removing people from a program that pays spouses of disabled veterans to be caregivers.  More

    State seeks dismissal of ex-Vets Affairs secretary's defamation suit
    Former Louisiana Veterans Affairs Secretary David LaCerte's defamation lawsuit against the state's legislative auditor and inspector general, who accused him of mismanaging state funds and puffing up his military service credentials, should be thrown out, state attorneys maintain.  More

    VA employee rebuts idea of commercial EHR
    Veterans Affairs Department brass might be rethinking their strategy of retaining the Vista electronic health care record system in favor of a commercial product, as the Defense Department is now doing. More

    What Is Something Veterans Can Do To Help Reform Veterans Affairs?

    Is Trump Enlisting in the War Party?
    By firing off five dozen Tomahawk missiles at a military airfield, our “America First” president may have plunged us into another Middle East war that his countrymen do not want to fight. More

ead more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article138490128.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article139218293.html#storylink=cpy

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