NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A federal lawsuit filed Monday alleges the U.S. Army has issued less-than-honorable discharges for potentially thousands of service members without adequately considering the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions.

The plaintiffs, two Army veterans from Connecticut who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, say in the lawsuit that they were wrongly denied honorable discharges. The lawsuit filed in Connecticut by Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic is seeking class-action status.

An Army spokeswoman said the branch doesn’t comment on pending litigation. More

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  • Marine Vet Who Lost Leg In Afghanistan Runs Boston Marathon With American Flag
    Jose Sanchez lost part of his left leg in Afghanistan, but that didn’t stop him from conquering every footrace he set his sights on. More

    VA hospitals outperform non-VA hospitals on patient outcome measures
    Though the VA health system has been under fire for various reasons, a look at quality data shows VA hospitals actually outperform non-VA hospitals in outcomes, readmission and mortality measures, according to a research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine. More

    Wife of a veteran alleges Cochran Veterans Affairs failed to separate dangerous patients
    ST. LOUIS — A wife of a veteran is suing the United States of America, citing alleged negligence in keeping veterans affairs location safe, which resulted to injuries. More

    Morristown couple warns others of scam targeting veterans
    Fraudsters will call to “offer help” with paperwork for pensions or benefits, but what they’re really after is to steal personal information, or identity theft, to enrich themselves.  More

    VA Announces Internal Review
    of Caregiver Program

    (VA) announced that, effective April 17, it has suspended revocations initiated by VA medical centers based on eligibility for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) for three weeks. More

    Veteran to be on trial this week in Federal Court in Las Cruces
     One of the longest running federal cases over a small amount of personal use marijuana goes to trial Tuesday with a Desert Storm veteran with PTSD charged in U.S. District Court in Las Cruces. More

    California governor pardons three veterans who were deported to Mexico
    ​Following their honorable discharges from the military, former Marines Erasmo Apodaca Mendizabal and Marco Antonio Chavez, and former soldier Hector Barajas Varela, were convicted of crimes and deported. More

    Many Vietnam vets unaware of compensation available for exposure to Agent Orange, advocates say
    When he was a soldier fighting in Vietnam in 1968, Robert Schmid of Leverett didn’t think much about the planes overhead spraying herbicide to flush out enemy troops hiding in the jungle foliage. His focus was on the artillery raining down around him. More

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