WASHINGTON — A key House of Representatives subcommittee will probe Wednesday whether thousands of Vietnam War sailors who say they were exposed to Agent Orange can qualify for federal benefits, as the list of congressional supporters continues to grow significantly.

McClatchy detailed last month how veterans’ advocates have been frustrated for years in their bid for help. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) denies the benefits, saying there’s not enough evidence to prove widespread Agent Orange exposure for Navy veterans who served on large ships like aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. More

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  • VA Home Loan Guarantee Program Faces Appraisal Problems
    The main complaint raised is that regulation has gotten in the way of maintaining the VA Home Loan Guarantee Program More

    Can The New Veterans Affairs Yelp App Fix The Agency Or Is It More Hot Air?
    The VA recently announced they spent taxpayer dollars developing a Yelp app for veterans that should help fix VA.   More

    World War I's legacy: Modern health care for vets
    A century after the United States entered World War I, we can appreciate more than ever its profound effect on medical practice. More

    IBM is expanding its commitment to veterans
    IBM recently expanded its broad commitment to America’s veterans, pledging to hire 2,000 of them through 2020 

    Veteran deaths account for 18% of U.S. suicides
    In 2014, veterans accounted for 18 percent of all suicides in the United States, but made up only 8.5 percent of the population. More

    Do U.S. Troops Risk Brain Injury When They Fire Heavy Weapons?The U.S. military is trying to figure out whether certain heavy weapons are putting U.S. troops in danger  More

    New VA secretary “begs” for more power to fire delinquent federal workers
     I had my share of doubts when President Trump decided to put David Shulkin in charge of the VA  More

    Veteran says military records will lead to better medical treatment
    The Gary Deloney and John Olsen Toxic Exposure Declassification Act could help doctors treat veterans who may have been exposed to materials such as biological and chemical weapons.  More

    Another VA Whistleblower Alleges Retaliation for Exposing Corruption
    Fox News has reported that another doctor has claimed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has retaliated against him after he revealed wrongdoings at the hospital for which he works.  More

    Benefits for the dishonorably discharged?
    t why is the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin allowing this now, with the VA’s problems providing timely care for so many veterans already eligible?  More

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