VA denies ER payments, calls vets imprudent


MINNEAPOLIS – Thousands of veterans every year are saddled with medical debt they shouldn’t owe – some of it even turned over to collection agencies – after trips to the emergency room.

A KARE 11 Investigation discovers it’s happening, in part, because the Department of Veterans Affairs does not consistently apply its own rules.
A Tough Night 

When you are parents of a newborn, there can be a lot of sleepless nights. But for Ben and Gretchen Krause, one night last February stands out.  VA denies ER payments, calls vets imprudent

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House panel taking steps to boost Veterans Affairs budget
Republicans controlling the House are taking the first steps to approve President Donald Trump's big budget increase for veterans' health care and the Pentagon.

We gave the example of Robertson, a disabled Navy veteran who had been sentenced to 18 months confinement because his stock ponds discharged "fill material" into a Montana tributary stream. In addition to prison, Robertson was ordered to pay a $130,00 fine. He will be almost 80 when he begins three years of post-prison supervised parole. His health is not good.

WWII Vet keeps up fight for equity pay, says ‘I have records!’
On June 8, Filipino WWII Vet Celestino Almeda officially turns 100, and every day he’s ready for a fight.

Veterans issues spotlighted in Congress this week
 Several key veterans issues will be the focus of congressional hearings this week, with lawmakers set to address the firing of bad employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency’s 2018 budget and benefits reform.

Suit allows paralyzed veterans to walk
Just a few years ago, it would have been impossible.  But with new technology, people who are paralyzed are able to get up and walk.

VA cancels dog experiments in L.A.
The Department of Veterans Affairs is now stopping medical testing on dogs at a VA hospital in Los Angeles after a whistleblower came forward with concerns and photos.

92 Year old Veteran Says Goodbye To Home After Eviction
 A San Jose housing policy has had the unintended consequence of allowing longtime tenants in rent-controlled housing to be evicted by landlords.

France awards American WWII vet who single-handedly captured 21 Nazis

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