VA secretary backs off plan to cut elderly vets' benefits


Administration officials are backing away from plans to slash tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits from elderly veterans after an outcry from advocates who warned the move could cause significant financial harm to vulnerable veterans.  

During a Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said that he wants to avoid any policy changes that “hurt veterans” and is considering other options to the proposed changes. 

“The budget is a process, and it became clear this (plan) would hurt some veterans,” he said. “I’m really concerned about that … I’m not going to support policies that hurt veterans.”​   VA secretary backs off plan to cut elderly vets' benefits

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Appropriations Committee says the VA must detail how the new EHR would be interoperable with the DoD and private sector systems.

The Department of Veterans Affairs warned Wednesday it was unexpectedly running out of money for a program that offers veterans private-sector health care, forcing it to hold back on some services that lawmakers worry could cause delays in medical treatment.

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 A U.S. Postal Service contractor plans on pleading guilty in federal court to stealing mail, specifically 33 packages containing narcotics meant for Veterans Affairs patients, according to federal court documents.
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