Vets and reps convince Trump administration to back off disabled and elderly benefits

The Veterans Administration has distanced itself in recent days from a proposal that would have cut benefits for its oldest and most vulnerable former members of the armed service. As VA Secretary David Shulkin told Senators on Capitol Hill, “I’m not going to support policies that hurt veterans.” 

President Donald Trump, whose proposed budget would slash nearly every department except the VA, wants to boost the “Choice Program,” which would allow veterans to seek private care rather than wait for veterans hospitals to see them. But in the process, White House officials proposed the scaling back of another program known as “Individual Unemployability” that provides a source of income for an estimated 200,000 vets who cannot work because of their service-related disabilities.  Trump administration to back off disabled and elderly benefits


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VA apprenticeship program to train, employ Veterans to assist other Veterans in properly filing for VA benefits
Veterans service organizations (VSOs) play a major role as advocates for the Veteran community, and as partners with VA, to ensure this nation’s Veterans receive the benefits they have earned.

Military Caregivers’ Sacrifices Go Unseen. It’s Time For That To Change
Tom Ward hasn’t stood in formation in more than three decades, but the Marine veteran lives with a degenerative disease the Department of Veterans Affairs has agreed is connected to his service so many years ago

Veterans have waited months for medical appointments while the VA union said that it needs more employees, but 1,606 employees — including many nurses — let veterans wait while they collected a taxpayer check to work on union business 

A Dallas man pleaded guilty to making a threatening phone call to a nurse in which he threatened to blow up a Veterans Affairs building.

S. 1024 is the product of collaborative discussions among veterans, Veterans Service Organizations and the VA, and provides the following key reforms to improve the appeals process:

There is a growing organization of so-called "Atomic Veterans" fighting for medical help after they say they were exposed to toxic chemicals and atomic radiation while serving in the armed forces.

Vietnam vet gifted new wheelchair after theft in Virginia Beach
A Vietnam veteran in town on vacation had his only means of transportation taken Wednesday. Someone stole his wheelchair.

Assisted by the nonprofit Warrior Expeditions, which supports outdoor journeys to help veterans melt the effects of combat

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