Veterans who say ‘burn pit’ exposure made them sick wait for judge’s decision on lawsuit


Hundreds of veterans and their families who have spent eight years in federal court trying to prove that burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan made U.S. troops sick are worried they’ll hit a legal dead end if a Maryland judge decides the company that ran the smoke-belching disposal sites can’t be sued because it was working on behalf of the government.

“It’s been a living hell, emotionally, financially and physically,” said Rosie Torres, whose husband, LeRoy, a former Army Reserve captain, was diagnosed with a debilitating, progressive lung disease after he returned home to Texas following a deployment to Iraq. “It is the war that followed us home.”   Veterans who say ‘burn pit’ exposure

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It's doesn't require much effort on our part but would make a world of difference to a man who served his country.

A bipartisan deal in the House Veterans Affairs Committee may pave the way to the “Forever GI Bill,” in what’s being billed as the most sweeping change in nearly a decade to one of the bedrock benefits of military service.

The Pentagon conducted a series of secret chemical and biological weapons tests involving military personnel in the 1960s and 1970s.

 in part because a $1.2-million contract to provide interim shelter has been delayed for nearly a year.

A key Senate panel has kicked off action on its long-delayed agenda of 12 annual spending bills with a bipartisan measure boosting spending on veterans programs by 5 percent.

amendment that allows Veterans Affairs (VA) physicians to recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where the medicine has been legalized.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often attributed to experiences of traumatic events that caused emotional side effects such as nightmares and anxiety.

Despite the swelling crowd that milled about, silence descended on the baggage claim area of Memphis International Airport
A Maine man has been sentenced to 16 months in federal prison for conspiring to illegally obtain more than $48,000 in veterans’ compensation benefits for a 

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