Colorado veteran now being billed $14,000 by VA for 'overpayment'


 Army veteran Thomas Howard served in the military for two decades. And for the last 20 years, he's been receiving VA benefits. But due to a paperwork issue, the government organization says he's been getting paid too much -- $14,000 too much -- and now the VA wants the money back. 
"Fourteen-thousand, nine-hundred twelve dollars and forty-eight cents. That's what they say I owe them that they overpaid me for the last 20 years," Howard said. 

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 Details about Pentagon biological and chemical weapons tests involving military personnel during the 1960s and 1970s – some involving lethal nerve agents – have long been kept secret. Thursday, the House agreed to keep things that way.

 Republicans are considering tying a must-pass increase in the federal debt limit to funding for a program that lets military veterans get medical care outside of Veterans Affairs facilities, people familiar 

A group of Vietnam veterans, suffering from chronic diseases, believes exposure to herbicides like Agent Orange is killing them.

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that would remove the 15-year deadline for veterans to access GI Bill educational benefits

As the Trump administration begins the process of overhauling Obama-era regulationsmeant to protect federal student loan borrowers, 

A bipartisan congressional agreement on the biggest expansion of college aid for military veterans in a decade would remove a 15-year time limit to tap into benefits and increase money for thousands in the National Guard 

Congress is once again attempting what has since been an impossible task — a full and actionable review of the Veterans Affairs Department’s more than 6,000 owned buildings and 1,500 leased 

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