GULF WAR ILLNESS: Waco VA office denies 92% of veteran benefit claims

Department of Veterans Affairs benefits officials in Waco have denied a whopping 92 percent of claims related to Gulf War Illness, giving Central Texas veterans one of the highest denial rates in the nation, according to data in a recent U.S.
Government Accountability Office report.

The report found serious and persistent problems with how the VA handles the complicated Gulf War benefits claims, ranging from poorly trained examiners to inconsistent methods of handling claims in different regions of the country. For example, in the continental United States denial rates ranged from 47 percent in Boston to 95 percent in Roanoke, Virginia, according to an analysis by the advocacy group Veterans For Common Sense.


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A study designed to look for differing outcomes when black and white U.S. veterans undergo a common procedure to clear blocked heart arteries instead found no differences once so-called confounding factors were taken in

The Manchester VA Medical Center, under investigation after reports of substandard treatment and conditions, is now dealing with flooding and severe water damage.

U.S. Senators Gary Peters (D-MI) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced that are introducing bipartisan legislation to improve burial services for our nation’s veterans by increasing funeral benefits for eligible veterans.

A measure ordering the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide mental health care to veterans with "bad paper" discharges was given a final push by lawmakers Wednesday before moving to the full House for a vote.

Marine Corps veteran Nancy Brown qualifies for a program that allows her to see a private doctor because she lives about 60 miles from the nearest VA hospital in Richmond, Virginia, but she was turned down recently when she sought an appointment to treat her ailing knee.

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