Vietnam veteran battles for VA compensation, Agent Orange 40 years after war


Tony Munro was a healthy 27-year-old Air Force veteran enjoying civilian life in Arizona's copper country when the event that would shape the rest of his life unfolded. 

He was not long out of the service, having been discharged in 1973 after a four-year stint as an airplane-propeller mechanic. Like many young men of that era, he'd spent a year in Vietnam at the U.S. base at Cam Ranh Bay, repairing C-7 Caribou transport planes and, on occasion, others.

One November morning in 1977, Munro was at breakfast with co-workers from the Globe branch of the Valley National Bank when he suddenly felt "woozy." A wave of heat flashed over him. Then, a severe, overwhelming pain developed in his abdomen. He collapsed.

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To fund benefits for families of fallen service members, Congress looks to hike pharmacy costs
Come next year, military retirees and family members might be required to kick in a few extra dollars when filling their drug prescriptions in order to fund a benefit program for military widows and widowers that’s perilously close to running out of money.

VA offers crisis mental health care to vets with other-than-honorable discharges
A policy that takes effect today allows veterans who received an other-than-honorable discharge to receive emergency mental health care from Veterans Affairs facilities.

Son fights to get Vietnam veteran dad full military burial benefits
The son of a Vietnam veteran is fighting to give his late father the honor he says he never received. His father wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha, but his son says the government isn't giving him what he deserves.

June 5 was a proud day for Stephanie Hendrix. Her girls Bailey, 4, and Hannah, 2, had walked hand-in-hand and behaved on their trip to Walmart.

The Department of Veterans Affairs had initially announced that cuts would be rolling out on July 1, 2017 to home health care services, but has delayed those cuts indefinitely,

This headline is based on research in 350,000 predominantly male US veterans who were prescribed PPIs or H2 blocker drugs to either treat heartburn or protect the stomach

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