Proposals from VA Commission on Care popping up in new legislation


Specific suggestions that came from the congressionally-appointed Veterans Affairs Commission on Care are beginning to appear in new pieces of legislation.
The 15-member commission developed a series of 18 recommendations in its report to Congress nearly a year ago. Among them were proposals to create an alternative personnel system for all employees within the Veterans Health Administration and incorporate more private provider options into VA’s network of care.

Bits and pieces of the commission’s 300-page report have popped up in other pieces of legislation. The president, for example, signed new legislation into law that changes accountability procedures for VA employees and senior executives. The changes in the  VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act apply to all employees at the department, not just those who work in veterans health care.  Proposals from VA Commission on Care

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VA Choice funding problem looms for Congress
When they return from legislative recess next week, lawmakers will have only a few days to address financial problems with the Veterans Affairs Choice program before users start to see significant problems. 

Friends say a 55-year-old who was found shot to death outside of his apartment on Saturday was a veteran who had recently moved into a place of his own after two decades of homelessness.

Sec. David Shulkin talks urgency to fix the VA system
 We live in an age where we're so cynical, I guess, about the government's ability to move on anything, that your pretty torrid pace is remarkable, 

V.A. campaign to increase hospice care showing results
A new study in the July issue of Health Affairs finds that a U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) initiative to improve care at the end of life led to a substantial increase in the use of hospice among U.S. veterans.

Judicial Watch Sues Veterans Affairs Police, Other VA Officials for Violating Protester's Constitutional Rights
Judicial Watch announced today that it sued several Veteran Administration police officers and VA officials in connection with violations of the constitutional rights of Robert L. Rosebrock, a 75-year old Vietnam era veteran

Vietnam War veterans diagnosed with cancer linked to service being denied care by Veterans Affairs
They put their lives on the line for our country - in a conflict that bitterly divided the nation.

Veteran says his motorcycle was stolen while he was being treated at VA hospital in Indianapolis
Police from Veterans Affairs confirm they are investigating the case and have identified a suspect through surveillance video

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