VA Choice program gets $2.1 billion in emergency funding


President Donald Trump signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act Saturday, giving $2.1 billion to fund the Veterans Choice program and $1.8 billion for other VA health efforts.

The funds will allow Veterans Choice to last for another half year. As it was, the program was set to run out of money by mid-August. The program allows veterans with long wait or travel times for appointments to get federally funded care elsewhere, from non-VA doctors. The VA launched the program in 2014, when veterans were facing weeks or months-long waits—waits that were covered up by false records.  VA Choice program 

Latest News for Vets

The Department of Defense Manpower Data Center may list James Alex Fields, Jr., as having served on active duty in the U.S. Army, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean he was a soldier.

A veterans organization is suing the Pentagon for exposing private details about troops’ military service on “a truly massive scale” due to lax security on one of its websites

A Veterans Affairs office in New Mexico during the 2015 fiscal year denied more than 90 percent of benefit claims related to Gulf War illnesses, marking the ninth-lowest approval rating among VA sites nationwide, according to a federal report.

 The recent exhumation of an Army Vietnam veteran’s body from the Connecticut State Veterans Cemetery was a rare invocation of federal laws aimed at keeping murderers and rapists out of veterans burial grounds, federal and state officials say.

Advocates and lawmakers attempting to shut down dog testing at the Department of Veterans Affairs have a new adversary –

 Four Grand Rapids Home for Veterans members are being involuntarily discharged after selling non-taxed cigarettes inside the home.

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