More Than 2,000 Veterans Are Waiting For An Appointment Outside The VA

More than 2,000 veterans are languishing, waiting for an appointment outside the Veteran Affairs (VA) system at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center (OBVAMC) in Shreveport, La.

“As a VA employee/whistleblower and United States Army Veteran, it is my unpleasant duty to report to you that the Overton Brooks Veteran Affairs Medical Center (OBVAMC) in Shreveport, Louisiana currently has over 2,000 veterans waiting in the non-VA care and choice system,” Christopher Shea Wilkes wrote to the White House on Aug. 17.

Wilkes, an Army veteran, is a mental health social worker at the OBVAMC, and he originally blew the whistle on secret wait lists there in 2014.  Waiting


Latest News for Vets

A government inspector general Tuesday called for an expert panel to review the opioid prescribing 

Ryan Honl, the man who blew the whistle on the abuses and over-prescription of narcotics at Wisconsin's Tomah VA facility that led to the death of a Marine and who was punished

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin was challenged Monday by a VA whistleblower who asked why he was still facing retaliation 

They don't want the sacrifices they've made to be in vain, though some worry the administration's strategy is too vague to lead to victory.

On January 3, 2005, Marine Staff Sergeant John Jones was leading his platoon in a convoy on his second combat tour in 

Perry Pezzarossi of Mandeville left Tuesday (Aug. 22) for a trip to Salt Lake City. It'll be no vacation.
He's traveling to Utah's picturesque capital city where on Friday he will get his right arm cut off below the elbow. In a way, he's looking forward to it.

A whistleblower just received a settlement from VA following her reporting of unlawful use of restraints on a veteran who did not pose an imminent threat to himself or others.

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