VA has a new 'wait-list' problem – the backlog to see an outside doctor

More than 2,900 veterans are caught up in bureaucracy hell at the Shreveport VA hospital, waiting to see non-VA doctors promised under the Veterans Choice Program that was created to alleviate appointment wait-times, a whistle-blower says.

It’s been three years since clinical social worker Shea Wilkes revealed a secret wait-list with 2,700 veterans, including 37 who died, languishing for appointments at Overton Brooks VA 
Medical Center in Shreveport, La. Now, he says he’s discovered a new kind of wait-list


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Theodorsia Rubenstein thinks about it often, but she still can’t explain why she chose to sit before answering her phone 48 years ago.

War veteran saved lives; deputies investigate how no one was able to save hers. Kristen Ambury was a U.S. Army explosive ordnance specialist and an emergency medical technician. 

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs apparently approved the posting of a newsletter around the campus that calls for the banning of U.S. military veterans

Q: The opioid epidemic crisis is on the news nearly every night. I understand that it involves over-prescribing opioid painkillers that can lead to addiction to the drug or problematic interaction with other prescribed medications.

A staff psychiatrist at the Veterans Administration hospital in Muskogee pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to witness tampering involving a patient with whom he had a sexual relationship, prosecutors said.

Veterans are coming to the defense of their dentist after they learned he had not been paid for the dental work he performed for them.

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