Kansas jury convicts former VA physician assistant from Horton of 5 sex-related crimes

Convicted sex abuser Mark Wisner slowly exited the courtroom Wednesday as U.S. military veterans who provided damaging testimony in the criminal case against the former physician assistant hugged each other in celebration.
The jury voted to convict on all five sex-related charges filed against the former Eisenhower Veterans Administration Medical Center physician assistant who declined to testify in his own defense. Prosecutors presented a case built on victim testimony, Kansas jury convicts


Latest News for Vets

 Every major veteran service organization except Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) supported legislation, signed into law last week, to reform a woefully clogged process for deciding appeals of veterans’ disability 

An Aug. 29 report by the congressional watchdog finds various problems in the way the VA sends “hundreds of millions of pieces of mail” to veterans each year. And yes, there’s a tech angle.

A 77-year-old former sailor who tried to blame his gouty arthritis on the navy’s boozy culture and rich food has failed in his bid for compensation.

More than 50 Vietnam veterans, Family members and Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, attended a memorial rededication ceremony, 

Since the Veterans Affairs Department began mapping customer experience in earnest, the agency has learned a key lesson about the customers it serves: The veteran population is diverse and each veteran’s experience with the VA often differs from one another.

About three dozen veterans gathered at UNLV to hear about the new Forever GI Bill and other pieces of legislation that could impact former members of the armed forces.

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