Bill to provide help for veterans exposed to burn pits passes senate 


Congress moved closer Monday to approving help for tens of thousands of veterans exposed to toxic “burn pits” in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“It’s very exciting,” Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) told KARE 11. “Today the bill is passing.”
The military used jet fuel in open-air burn pits to try to dispose of everything from plastics to medical waste. The resulting smoke and fumes are suspected of causing serious illnesses and death.

Klobuchar co-sponsored a bipartisan measure that authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a special medical center of excellence to study – and treat – the health effects.  Help for veterans exposed to burn pits

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In addition to having the same first name, Nick Mezak and Nick McMenomy both served their country in the Marines. In fact, they spent time together in a Marine expeditionary unit in Japan

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