Facing High Denial Rates for VA Claims, 3 Gulf Vets Intervene


ROANOKE, Va. -- From his small home office more than 200 miles from Washington, Ronald Brown has a direct line to top Department of Veterans Affairs officials, including VA Secretary David Shulkin.

In the time between bouts of illness and his many doctors' appointments, Brown -- a veteran of Operation Desert Storm -- can be found here, working at a laptop filled with scientific studies, written testimonies to Congress and veterans' claims for VA benefits. He's focused, sometimes working on multiple claims at the same time, pausing only to pat the two English bulldogs who lie at his feet or search through binders of documents on his overloaded bookcase.

Latest News for Vets

The fight over whether or not to provide full coverage to U.S. Navy veterans who suffer from illnesses related to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam may be decided on the floor of Congress if legislators act on bills submitted earlier this year.

Veterans who served downwind of burn pits at bases in Iraq and Afghanistan could get a little clarity from the VA next year.

A World War II veteran who was shoved down in his front yard in Kaufman while defending his American Flag received a special honor over the weekend.

t’s probably a good thing service animals are trained to prepare for every situation, because one woman put one dog to the test

Sgt. Charles Libby, a World War II Army veteran who served in the 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion attached to Gen. George S. Patton, 

A former Spokane County Sheriff's deputy has been convicted by a jury of lying to obtain assistance from two federal programs designed to provide funds to those who can't work for themselves.

Nationwide, invasive experiments at three VA facilities are slated to include roughly 300 dogs, including six-month-old Beagle puppies, and involve surgeries on their brains, spines and hearts by researchers seeking treatments for heart disease and other ailments. All the dogs will be killed when the research is complete.

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