What It’s Like To Be Retaliated Against As A VA Whistle-Blower


A Veterans Administration whistle-blower said that a Missouri VA hospital sold him a bill of goods while recruiting him and then retaliated when he complained.

Dr. Dale Klein blew the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse in the pain management clinic he ran in John J. Pershing VA Medical Center in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and he was recently terminated after months of legal wrangling.

Dr. Klein is a graduate of Yale Medical School and is board-certified in two specialties. He described his experiences in an interview with The Daily Caller.  What It’s Like 

Latest News for Vets

The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to grant employees a waiver of a rule barring receipt of salary or other benefits from for-profit colleges.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has proposed a waiver to 50-year-old anti-corruption law that prevents certain VA employees from also profiting from for-profit colleges.

The U.S. is investigating lenders for allegedly pressuring veterans and members of the military into unneeded mortgage refinances -- unsavory conduct that not only leads to higher consumer costs but has consequences for one of the world’s largest bond markets.

Most people see interacting with the government as a tedious and impersonal task, but two agencies with spotty public image records

A left-leaning veterans advocacy group today is reopening the fight over privatization of Veterans Affairs services with a multi-state ad campaign imploring lawmakers to “save VA.”

A House subcommittee criticized the Department of Veterans Affairs on Tuesday for inaccurate and unreliable reporting of how much it spends on mail, which lawmakers contended is a sign of larger management issues at the agency.

An Army veteran who lost all four limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan says the name of his newborn son pays tribute to two medics who helped save his life.

Lesser known is PTG. While recording the oral histories of local Vietnam War veterans, a University at Buffalo researcher found that post-traumatic growth can exist at the same time as PTSD. Marian 

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