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Former Army Ranger Matt Meloni was in Houston for treatment at a VA hospital for prostate cancer when the worst of the storms flooded the city Tuesday. And then he got appendicitis readers responded swiftly and passionately to a recent op-edby Derek Coy, a former Marine sergeant and Iraq War veteran who, in the wake of racial violence in Charlottesville, Va., argued for changing the names of military bases that honor Confederate military leaders -- men he called "traitors."

A few older Marines offered Mike Gerardo practical advice for surviving the extremes of combat as he prepared to go to war five years ago. “Just accept that you’re going to die.”

The Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General found cases where more than 3,900 beneficiaries, marked deceased in the Veterans Affairs Department database, could still be receiving Social Security payments.

The eyes of the world were on Tokyo Bay on Sept. 2, 1945, when three U.S. Navy destroyers pulled up to the USS Missouri docked just off the coast of Japan.

New Law to Streamline VA Claim Appeals Eases Some Protections
 Every major veteran service organization except Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) supported legislation, signed into law last week, to reform a woefully clogged process for deciding appeals of veterans’ disability 

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