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HELENA – U.S. Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin said here Monday that improving the VA’s health-care system for veterans is one area where Congress and the Trump administration are scoring some successes.

But, in a visit to Montana, he also said solving the “pretty significant problems” of the system will take some time.

“A lot of the problems that resulted in the crises that we’ve seen in the VA did not happen overnight, they happened over decades,” he told reporters at a news conference in Helena. “It is going to take us a period of several years to get this system to be one that we’re all satisfied with.”  VA secretary

Latest News for Vets

A whistleblower just received a settlement from VA following her reporting of unlawful use of restraints on a veteran who did not pose an imminent threat to himself or others.

A hospital with a cockroach infestation, $150 million of unaccounted equipment and supplies and dirty medical supplies – that’s not a facility where most people would want to receive care.

A report on the VA’s enrollment system identifies significant deficiencies that have affected thousands of veterans’ access to health care.

Congressman Tom MacArthur announces legislation to help Korean War Veterans
The Fairness for Korean DMZ Veterans Act will expand the start time of eligibility for disability compensation from

Cannabis advocates are criticizing the Department of Veterans Affairs for wasting time and resources on recently published research that 

They’ve found it hidden in patients’ ears, and in the pages of a book.
Following the overdose death of a Saucier, Mississippi, Marine Corps veteran at the Brockton Veteran’s 

As President Trump prepares to address the nation Monday evening to announce his strategy in Afghanistan, it's worth noting how  

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