At the outset let me say that I never want to change anything that is not broken. However, when we consider the vast differences between rural and urban election results, it becomes painfully clear that something is amiss.

  Doctor Roger Wicke, a columnist living in the rural community of Hot Springs, Montana, published an article to his distribution that reveals an aspect of this problem, titled “ I DO NOT TRUST THE MONTANA ELECTION RESULTS.” Roger points to the difference in rally attendance numbers between Democrat and Republican rallies: "Watch—Roughly 20 People Show Up for Democrat Jon Tester Rally Day Before Election" ~ by Sean Moran; 2018 Nov 05[rw: Compare this with the massive thousands of people at rallies for Rosendale and Trump. Early voting stats say that Rs exceeded Ds by 17% in Montana, one of the largest margins of all the states. In all other states with such large margins, the Rs won their Senate seats. I do NOT trust the Montana election results. Massive fraud needs to be investigated. I have suspected this for many years. It's high time we all insist that this fraud be STOPPED.]

 In the 2016 presidential race it was a distinct contrast between the ‘red’ and ‘blue’, with the most votes going to the “blue” in the population centers. Had it not been for the Electoral College, the ‘blue’ would have overwhelmed the “red.” That is the vital reason for the Electoral College system of selecting the president; it levels the playing field between opposing parties.

  Montana is a microcosm of what we see at the national level. Instead of whole states comprising population centers, i.e.: comparing California with Nevada, California will register far more votes than Nevada based solely on population. What the Electoral College accomplishes is to render those differences impotent. That said, it can be clearly illustrated that a similar situation exists here in Montana where there are voting blocks controlling the population centers, especially college towns, like Billings; Bozeman; Helena and of course, Missoula. When those election results combine, the rural communities are left out in the cold.

  I propose the Legislature bring forth an act establishing the principle of the Electoral College for our State elections. Let each State House of Representatives District have one vote for both the Congressional and statewide offices. In this way the only voters overwhelmed will be confined to a particular population center. It will be up those adversely affected to find their local remedy in the forthcoming elections. The principle here is that it is not their fault that they suffered harm, but is theirs alone to find correction.

This proposal will work for other States of the Union as well as for Montana.
One District, One Vote, it is that simple.

Dick Wells

 Dick Wells

An Election Reform Proposal

 Dick Wells
Dick Wells
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