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 I was born 13 May 1930 in the little coal mine town of Mount Harris, Colorado, one of nine children of William and Bertha Salisbury. Dad was a coal miner and a cowboy. In 1935 we moved to Durango, Colorado and I started school there. In the summer of 1945 we moved to Farmington, New Mexico, where I started my freshman year at high school. My mother did not want me to play football, and this caused me to walk away from home at age 15 and join the US Army.

During my twenty year career in the Air Force, most of my time involved flying, or aircraft maintenance. I served in Strategic Air Command, in Air Weather Service, Strategic Reconnaissance Squadrons, in Air Defense Command and other units. I was in Guam, the Aleutian Islands, Japan, Alaska, England, Greenland and at many mainland bases. 

On the first day of March 1966 I retired and moved back to New Mexico to send our children through school. My wife Dottie and I attended college at New Mexico State University and received several degrees. Our three children received university degrees from NMSU and served in the Air Force.

  At this time I have been retired much longer than I was alive when I retired from the military (at age 35 years). I worked for El Paso Natural Gas Company and retired from there in 1977. I then returned to university studies. After graduating I worked as a truck driver, oil field worker, firefighter, emergency medical technician, ambulance crewmember, and as a health and safety instructor. 
We live on a small farm near Aztec, New Mexico and stay involved in our community. I tend to be conservative and enjoy working with those who are building memorials to our military KIA / MIA. We must never forget those who have died for 
our freedom.

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