I can run farther, jump higher, dive deeper, and come up dryer than any man alive!”
“I've got the truiest rifle, the fastest horse, the prettiest sister, and the ugliest dog in TENNESSEE!”

“My Pa can whip any man in Kentucky and I can whip my Pa!”
Such were the political stump speeches that got David Crockett elected to local and state offices and eventually to the U.S. House of Representatives. He was such a strong supporter of legislation that helped his poor TN neighbors and the Cherokee Indians, that President Andrew Jackson (who Davy had served under during the Creek Indian Wars) turned against him, and used his influence to have Davy defeated by another "Jacksonian" candidate.

To this turn in fortune, Davy told Jackson and his political operatives: " You may all go to hell, I’m going to Texas.”

Known as an expert woodsman, Indian fighter, bear hunter (he still holds the record for the most bears killed in one year but a single hunter), but he was also known for being what literature professors call the 1st "purely American" humorist, and especially the first Southern humorist.

From his writings (speeches,letters) and from his autobiography, (which was extremely popular) we get a hint of what we were going to receive from: Mark Twain, Will Rodgers, Jerry Clower, Lewis Grizzard, and Jeff Foxworthy.
Davy is even credited with adding words and phrases to the English language, never seen before in print. He was one of the 1st authors to go on a book tour, and a popular theatrical play was written about his adventures.

Even the Mexican soldiers surrounding the Alamo knew of this famous naturalist.
There was even speculation that Davy was going to run for president of the U.S. after Jackson's 2nd term ended.

After the fall of the Alamo a death cult arose surrounding him much like after the deaths of JFK and Elvis. Folks just simply refused to believe he was dead and rumors persisted for 20+ years that he was being held prisoner in Mexico.
No bodies were ever found,and most authorities believe there was a mass cremation and burial, but even this is difficult to prove. Even the events surrounding how and where in the Alamo he was killed are debated.

You simply have to choose which version you are comfortable with. I go with the story told by some of the survivors from inside the Alamo (women, children and at least one black servant) that Crockett was found dead surrounded by 10+ Mexican soldiers.
I have been to the Alamo twice, both times late at night, driven there by army buddies I was visiting in Texas, neither of whom wanted to drive the 30+ miles out of the way just so I could say I had been there.

The Celtic people (who most original Southerners descend from), believed there were thin spots on the earth where the physicaland spiritual worlds touched. I know that the Alamo is at least a historical thin spot, because both times after touching the walls the "goose-bumps" lingered for quite a while.

I could "feel" Davy on the wall above me, singing "Farewell To The Mountains" to the other defenders, in the early morning hours just before the final Mexican assault.
183 years ago Davy was struck down, but also entered the nation's heart to live on as a defining example of what it means to be a brave, patriotic American.

We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Davy Crockett

 Thomas Avery White

Davy Crockett, an American Legend Lives On

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