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Patriots need to consider their choice of words

Dick Wells lives with his wife of 46 years, along the tranquil Clark Fork River in Northwestern Montana. His time is divided between advocating for Freedom and Constitution-limited government, writing for the Veterans' Voice (his articles span eight years), driving a DAV van transporting veterans to their VA appointments free of charge, art projects, gardening and "honey-do's." He insists that since his wife does all the other household chores, washing the dishes is his responsibility.

Dick is a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, honorably discharged from both the 49th Div. California National Guard (Korea era) and the United States Navy.  He was educated at Oakland City College and UC Berkeley.

While serving in the Navy, Dick learned to love electronics and automatic control systems. Building on his Navy experience, in industry, Dick worked as a supervisor in electronic control systems manufacturing, and frequently as a field service engineer.

In 1971, Dick and his wife moved to Montana, where they raised their three children.  Dick operated an electrical contracting company and later, he and his wife, operated a fine food restaurant, Lonesome Dove, until retirement. He still likes to cook regional and ethnic cuisines.