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Drain the Swamp

 We have a real problem in the swamp we call Washington DC. This problem is totally unlike any other, mostly because we have ignored it for so long it has become acceptable. Congress (that is both houses) has self-neutered and no longer does what it is supposed to do: the business of the people.

  The evidence is replete when you consider the plethora of agencies having powers beyond the control of either Congress or the people. The alphabet-soup of agencies is seemingly without number, each agency having the authority for making the rules for others to observe. 

  Congress does not do its job beyond establishing the bureaus and giving them free rein. This flies in the face of the Constitutional mandate for a republican form of government. No one elects the heads of the agencies, so there is no accountability to the voters. Moreover, when Congress leaves much of the rule making up to the agency, there can be no Congressional over-sight.

  Since there is no direct Constitutional basis for the many federal agencies such as: EPA, CIA, FDA, FBI, BATF; or for that matter, the several departments such as Education, Agriculture, Justice and the long list of other agencies and departments staffed and headed by un-elected officials.

  Every one of these federal agency’s area of concern is fully the responsibility of the states. All of the things Congress establishes as federal agencies can arguably be left to the states when they are not one of the Constitutional requirements placed on the federal government and in accord with the separation of powers. The Legislative Branch makes the policy, the Executive Branch executes/enforces that policy and the Judicial Branch decides the matters brought before it in the light of the Constitution

  Instead of the three equal branches of government, we have a hodge-podge of Executive rules and court mandates and the people having only the Supreme Court for remedy. The Congress is the policy-making organ of the national government that is where all of the arguements should be registered, before they become law. Then, if the people do not like what happens they can exercise their remedial prerogatives of referendum or recall. But when there is no election for agents of the federal government, the people are left out in the cold.

  Not only is the Congress remiss in not taking care of the business of the people, each of its members concerns its self more with personal matters, like reelection and self enrichment. One congressman, a Senator from Montana, Steve Daines, is reported to have gained four (4) million dollars since he took office; was that for insider trading? Congress is not the place for gaining riches, unless it is riches for the people.

A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired.-
Thomas Jefferson

 Dick Wells
Dick Wells
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