‘God delivered us that night. Nobody will deny that.’


CHIPPEWA TWP. — Incoming!
That was the greeting the Rev. Willard Keith Staneart received moments after his arrival in Dak To during the Vietnam War.

“I remember going to my hooch, which was like the tent I was staying in. I sat down on the step to catch my breath, and then all of a sudden I hear somebody yell, ‘Incoming!’” Staneart, now 77, of Chippewa Township, said. “What do you mean incoming? Everybody’s running in every direction. Well, we were getting hit.”

Staneart took off running, too. During such attacks, he’d been trained to go to the medical tent, so that’s what he did. On his way there, he tripped on concertina wire and cut his hand, “because I was scared to death and tripped,” Staneart said.

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Q: I am an honorably discharged veteran. I served two years, from 1969 through 1979, but because I did not serve in Vietnam I am considered a non-person as far as VA health care is concerned. I actually volunteered to go to Vietnam but the powers that be sent me elsewhere. Will they ever open VA health care up to all honorably discharged veterans?

Vietnam veteran emerges from the woods
The 79-year-old retired US Air Force and Army veteran had been living on the edge of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, camping in the woods, because his pension and social security benefits couldn't cover housing or a motel.

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VA in Arkansas won't prescribe, pay for medical marijuana
Although Arkansas voters have approved the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, doctors with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will not be allowed to recommend or prescribe the drug to veterans, and the V.A. will not pay for it. 
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The Ken Burns PBS “Documentary” of the Vietnam War

10 Tips to Help You Keep the Compensation and Pension Exam (C&P exam) in Perspective

His children wish World War II veteran James Finn never entered Holyoke Soldiers' Home
From the nursing progress notes at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home for James B. "Bud" Finn, 86, U.S. Navy veteran:
The Complex VA Claims Process

Secondary Service Connection VA Disability

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Vets worker says she was fired for complaining about state
A former Davison County veterans service officer is alleging the state Department of Veterans Affairs got her fired because she raised concerns about errors in veterans' files and what she felt was improper use of military insignia on souvenir coins.
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VA Scheduling Now Available Online
You can now manage your primary care and certain specialty care VA appointments online at participating VA facilities. You will need a Premium My HealtheVet Account to use online scheduling.​
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