VA under 3 investigations over report of rushed, botched radiology scans

In 1971 Kirby Williams went to Vietnam as a U.S. Army draftee and worked as a finance clerk. In 2010 he went to a Veterans Affairs clinic in southern Illinois where a radiologist took a scan of his kidneys.

Unfortunately, the radiologist missed a 2- to 3-centimeter mass in one of his kidneys, and by last December that mass had grown to between 7 and 8 centimeters. Now the 66 year old has, at most, two to five years to live.


Dr. L. Anthony Leskosky

Latest News for Vets

A staff psychiatrist at the Veterans Administration hospital in Muskogee pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to witness tampering involving a patient with whom he had a sexual relationship, prosecutors said.

Veterans are coming to the defense of their dentist after they learned he had not been paid for the dental work he performed for them.

Military veterans complained Wednesday at a town hall meeting that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been denying them pain medication.

William R. Jones, 67, of Geneseo, on Tuesday entered pleas of guilty to theft of government funds and making false statements about his military service to the VA, according to Patrick D. Hansen, acting U.S. attorney for the Central District of Illinois

An estimated 125,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with other than honorable discharges, many suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and brain

Connie Davis was afraid to go into the bathroom. Fire escapes and stairwells at the Air Force bases where she was stationed also stirred fear.

A government inspector general Tuesday called for an expert panel to review the opioid prescribing 

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