How to End Veteran Unemployment
You Can Start This Business in 2017
by Mark Baird-CEO Patriotic Hearts

U.S. Military Maintenance is a program of the 501c3 non-profit, Patriotic Hearts. The purpose of this program is to help US veteran entrepreneurs to start and develop a successful commercial maintenance company of their own. We create and build up these veteran owned businesses. (This is NOT a franchise.) In return, they hire other US veterans, and pay them good wages. -- Our goal is to create US Military Maintenance businesses throughout each state and to collectively employ 100,000 US veterans. This is how to solve veteran unemployment: Creating successful veteran owned businesses that employ veterans at a good wage. We also desire to set an example for other veteran initiatives and V.O.B.s to follow.

Mentorship: I have owned and built up many successful commercial maintenance businesses over several decades. I am now focused on teaching US veterans how to do so too. The commercial maintenance business is the least expensive to start, the easiest to build, and the fastest business to make a million dollars within 3 years. In the last two years, I have helped more than 2 dozen US veterans start successful commercial maintenance businesses. I have taken many from the brink of financial hopelessness to employing dozens of US veterans at good wages, and earning enough to hire others to manage their business as they spend more time with their families, and enjoy life.

Marketing Plan: US Military Maintenance offers you an amazing marketing plan, developed to lift our USMM business owners far above their competition. We combine your business with the extremely popular mission to get veterans hired. We do not approach potential clients as just a ‘maintenance business.’ We start with our cause: hon-oring local veterans through employment. We present ourselves as US veterans that are “putting a dent in veteran unemployment.’ We ask businesses if they would like to ‘join us in honoring our local US military, veterans, and their families.’ We raise the conversation to a higher level.

USMM business owners receive their own USMM website. They also receive a free community website and job’s board for theircommunity to hire local US military, veterans, and their spouses- a customized website. It has a blog, and two job boards: Our “One Day” job board is primarily for residents that need an extra hand with chores and repairs for a day, or a few. Our career’s job board is for companies to hire your region's veterans on a more permanent basis.
As an associate of USMM and HirePatriots you are able to introduce yourself as the “Director of a non-profit program that creates jobs for US veterans.” (Patriotic Hearts) This is the key to getting huge amounts of free media and also speaking engagements. You will also be the HirePatriots leader in your community who will offer our multiple programs that enhance the lives of veterans. You will represent a popular, nationwide program that has won awards from two US Presidents, Congress, and the Pentagon. HirePatriots was also featured in People Magazine as “America’s Heroes Among Us.” And we have received voluminous media coverage locally and nationally. We have been featured on FOX National Business News, NBC Nightly News. ABC TV did a segment about our One Day job’s program and gave us their ‘Leadership Award.’

The news media in your area will clamor to tell your story and to promote your USMM business because of its alliance with our award winning non-profit.

As our non-profit’s local veteran representative, you can also speak at local Chambers of Commerce, at veteran orgs, and various community service clubs, such as Rotary Clubs whose members are mostly business owners. – This free media, and speaking opportunities, will be a tremendous boost in getting new clients.

Our Vision for You
US Military Maintenance is looking for US veterans that are driven to succeed. Our personal mentoring and marketing plan is a million dollar opportunity. Several of our USMM owners are already grossing well over that, and hiring dozens of US veterans. -- The bigger we make your business, the more US veterans you can employ: That is our motivation.
Getting Started: We will provide you with absolutely everything you need to get started right away.
-Cleaning equipment and supplies
-USMM & HirePatriots websites
-Business cards
-Bid sheets
-Phone scripts
-Sales pitch
-Step by Step Getting Started Guide.
-Step by Step Marketing Plan
-On-going Personal Mentoring for Success
-A Nationwide team of other USMM veterans for support, encouragement and counsel

Costs: We have negotiated with supply companies to get the best prices possible for our US veterans for equipment and supplies. We have kept your start-up costs as low as is possible. We want every US veteran who is serious about becoming a business owner to be able to participate.
If you are passionate about changing your life and the lives of other US veterans, we will find a way for you to get started.

You will be joining a unified team of other US veterans, who all fully own and manage their own US Military Maintenance business. As a unified corporation, we are able to get national accounts, and contracts that as an independent, local owner, you could not do. You will not be doing this by yourself. Many USMM owners have walked Point for you.

Our only requirements are that you try to employ as many US veterans, at the best wages, that you can afford. And that you “Pay it Forward” for the next US veteran to join our team.

Now is a great time to join. The owners are currently forming a for-profit corporation. Alphonso Simmons, our Business PhD. and government contractor and USMM owner, is the Chairperson; Chris Penwarden, West Point, Army Officer, Government contractor, MBA Harvard, and USMM owner, is the CEO.

Our purpose is to create a for-profit USMM corporation that will be a united front for all independent owners. By uniting under one corp. we put ourselves into the position of getting national and government contracts that would be much more difficult for independent, local owners to acquire. We also put ourselves in a far better position to get funding, investors, and loans.

Give me a call if you want to talk: Mark Baird/ 760-730-3734; or, text me and let me know your email and I will send you some more info.

*This is for serious veteran entrepreneurs only. USMM is not a 'get-rich quick' scheme. It is real business ownership. It requires being teachable, disciplined, hard work, and perseverance. -- Your biggest advantages are our cause, and the mentoring available everyday from other USMM owners that once were just starting out too. Follow in our footsteps and achieve success.

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