When those wonderful communist “liberators” rolled over South Vietnam 2 full years after all U.S. forces had withdrawn, the American leftists celebrated, and Time magazine’s headline read, “Hanoi Wins”. Listening with one’s “3rd ear” you could almost hear cheering from those antiwar protesters who called us “baby-killers” when we came home.​​

  The story however was vastly different for the average citizen of the now formerly SOUTH VIETNAM.

  Even the communist Viet Cong were pushed aside by these supposedly “comrade” invaders, and an era of total suppression of human rights, and corruption at every bureaucratic level followed.

  Le was only a teenager when he and some friends stole a small boat from the communists, and took it out to sea, hugging the coastline until they made it to Thailand. He and his buddies were placed in a refugee camp, with little food or clothing, and waited for YEARS until they were vetted and cleared for immigrating to their version of heaven-America! 

  Le’s wife (who he later met in America) was not so lucky. 
  She and her extended family saved every penny, until they finally had the going rate to bribe the communist official presiding over their village, in order to be smuggled out of Vietnam via a freighter headed to Thailand.

  On board, an Asian version of a Mexican “coyote” took all of the family’s remaining money and belongings, promising to feed them...he never did.

  As family members died, one by one, they were simply tossed into the sea.
  Le’s future wife was the ONLY one to survive, finally arriving at the refugee camp  very near death.

  After over one million of these “boat-people” faced death rather than the treatment endured in the now supposedly “worker’s paradise” of a united Vietnam, even one prominent antiwar activist had to admit, “We were completely wrong about what Vietnam would be under the communists”.

  I seriously doubt there are two people who love American more, and are as grateful to American soldiers who tried to save their beloved country.

 Thomas Avery White


Thomas Avery White
Thomas Avery White
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