Emery McClendon

Keep Your Promise to
Our Veterans

  Another year has slipped by and we are moving forward into a new year.  Many of us worked hard on Veteran’s issues during 2018, and we saw some progress on those issues that affect those who have served in our Armed Forces. However, we have a long ways to go.

  We all agree that our military Veterans deserve the best care, accessibility, and guidance as to where they can find help on other problems that effect them after serving our nation.

  The Department of Veterans Affairs will be faced with many new challenges this year regarding our Veterans. We are looking forward to the department moving forward and working on ideas and changes that will not only protect the programs and benefits that are currently in place, but that they also will look for ways to strengthen those benefits, and protect them for our future Veterans. We also want them to work on fixing existing problems with services, and work to find ways of working with our Veterans to help smooth the process of receiving the help that they need.

  The process of applying for and appealing disability cases is in motion. We should begin to see how this new system will work soon.

 Other obstacles have been removed by implementing the VA Choice Act, and the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. The Mission Act has also been signed into law to help fix some of the Choice Act flaws.

  Two of the biggest areas of improvement that should be a priority for both Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs is Veterans suicide and homelessness.
  There simply is no excuse for our former military heroes to be left out on the streets while our government seeks to allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter our country, and are given government entitlements, and shelters ahead of our Veterans.  This must not continue because our Veterans should be the priority. They sacrificed for us and protected our freedom and liberty.

  There is also no valid reason why Veterans should be allowed to die while waiting for treatment or an appointment at a VA facility.

  There must be action taken to ensure that our Veterans receive more swift access to quality care at these facilities.

  Good things have happened over the past few years to make improvements, but we still have a long ways to go.

  Veterans are looking forward to helping with solutions that will pave the way to greater reforms in the VA system. Veterans organizations are also willing to play a part in this process. Working together we can find good solutions that will make a great impact on the quality of services provided to our Veterans.

  It’s time for us to get serious about reform and improving the system. We want to make sure that we continue to attract the best and the brightest people into our military service. Having the confidence that the government will keep its promises to them after military service will greatly enhance morale and recruitment.

  Americans support and appreciate those who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces. We must ensure that we keep our promises to them after their sacrifices for us.

Emery McClendon
Emery McClendon
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