Missouri World War II veteran wins appeal proving health problems from mustard-gas exposure


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Illinois AG: Veterans defrauded in VA pension scam
Lured by “free” seminars on pension benefits, hundreds of financially disadvantaged veterans in Illinois were allegedly defrauded into buying annuities and other 
VA denies veteran disability benefits despite evidence of radiation exposure
Navy veteran Dan Parks is quick to tell you about his time in the service in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
ChampVA Pays $16 Of $15,000 Hospital Visit Then Sent To Collections
ChampVA, the insurance for dependents of qualified veterans, paid a whopping $16 toward a $15,000 bill before it was sent to collections.

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Captain Gary Michael Rose Receives Medal of Honor
Rose, a United States Army Captain, received the highest military honor for conspicuous gallantry during the Vietnam War, where he risked his life to administer lifesaving aid to his comrades in spite of severe injury and enemy fire.

Filipino veterans of WWII finally getting their due
In July 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called all organized military forces of the Philippines into the service of the United States. Their bravery, heroism and dedication played an integral part in leading the Allied powers to victory.

Marlboro woman gets 2 years in prison for $2.8M theft from vets training program
A Marlboro woman was sentenced to two years in federal prison Monday for stealing $2.8 million in federal funds, intended to help older, unemployed veterans get jobs, through her computer training school.
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Army widow battles Department of Veterans Affairs over pair of costly mistakes
The first time Amy Siegel visited the Department of Veterans Affairs to apply for survivor benefits, her husband had been dead for less than five weeks and she was four months pregnant.

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