Navy veterans who say they were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam ask VA for benefits

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A debate over the spread of Agent Orange, used as a tactical defoliant by the Americans during the Vietnam War, pits thousands of Navy veterans against the agency tasked with caring for them.

Thousands of Navy officers stationed off the coast of Vietnam during the war now say they are sick from exposure to the herbicide. VA officials argue there is not enough evidence to prove they were ever in contact with Agent Orange. There should be more evidence, VA leaders say, before Congress forces their hand and guarantees benefits to the veterans.

One Myrtle Beach resident said he was almost denied benefits for treatment for his prostate cancer because of the rule. Though Robert Taylor spent the majority of his service on board the USS Camden, he had to prove he put his boots on the ground for eight weeks at Cam Ranh Bay. He said he was initially denied benefits.
​Navy veterans who say they were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam ask VA for benefits

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