‘No One Seems To Have An Answer’: Veterans Face Increased Risk Of Developing ALS, But Researchers Don’t Know Why

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Many live with disabilities related to their service, both mental and physical.

They also face an increased risk for getting a deadly disease. All veterans have an increased risk for ALS — Lou Gehrig’s Disease — no matter where they served or when. It’s a mystery and especially troubling for one Air Force family in Bucks County.
“This flag is incredibly meaningful to me,” Jeanne Jennings, a veteran with ALS, said.
A citation to Jennings says the flag was flown over Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom — a gift from her son, Dave, who is an Air Force veteran like his mom.


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What Memorial Day Means For Combat Veterans
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Blue water navy bill moves forward, advocates dispute House definitions
Earlier this month, the House passed the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, H.R. 299, to make it easier for Navy veterans to obtain benefits after being exposed to Agent Orange 

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It was no doubt meant to elicit a flood of nostalgic, patriotic, reminiscences and pride.
“How has serving impacted you?” tweeted the U.S. Army. The example they gave was of Pfc. Nathan Spencer, who spoke of his opportunity to serve something greater than himself.
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Microsoft Corp., recently formed a partnership that aims to improve how Veterans living in rural areas can access VA’s online services and benefits.

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Military families are fighting to repeal a law they say cheats thousands of military widows out of benefits each year.
It's dubbed "The Widow's Tax" and itprevents widows from getting money from both the Veterans Affairs office and the Department of Defense.
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It is hard to upstage the superstars of the U.S. Women’s National Team but a 96-year-old World War II veteran armed only with a harmonica managed to do just that Sunday at the team’s match against Mexico
Unequal access to Veterans Affairs healthcare facilities has long been a topic of concern for veterans and their advocates, and debate over how to deal with the issue has increased in recent years as VA facilities have 
The Complex VA Claims Process

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A better benefits plan is on the way for veterans.
The Mission Act was signed into law last year; Veterans Affairs officials say veterans will get faster care closer to home.
Laura Vela and Rolando Garcia joined the Army to better the country.
VA-qualified borrowers can obtain mortgage financing with very advantageous terms. How advantageous? How about no money down? And no monthly mortgage insurance costs?