Patriots especially, need to monitor the words we use in order to avoid confusion/misinformation for the listener. Often times we hear things like “Constitutional Rights.” What is wrong with that statement? The most misleading thing about that statement is that one would then think our Rights come from the Constitution; when in other places we insist that our Rights are a gift from God. The proper term is then: Constitution SECURED Rights. The Constitution bars government from impinging our God-given Rights. To say “Constitutional Rights”, implies that the Rights are provided by the Constitution and as such are subject to Amendment, forbid it Almighty God!

Whenever people talk about our delegates to Congress, we hear them talk about Senators and Congressmen as if there are no Representatives. This is really simple for anyone who has actually read the Constitution; they are both “Congressmen.” Article I Section 1: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.” Montana had a candidate for the House of Representatives who campaigned for “Congress.” Whenever I hear people speak of Congressmen, as opposed to Senators, I am thinking, “come, sit at my knee and we will read the Constitution together.” Then I move on, because it is clear that the speaker is not familiar with our foundational document, and at this late date, will likely have little or no interest in it.

Another thing I hear people talk about is what they call “illegal aliens,” or “undocumented workers.” Again, this is really simple. Anyone who is here sans visa is an Article IV Section 4 INVADER! It matters not, that the invader comes here unarmed; he/she is still an invader when he did not first obtain a visa (this does not excuse those who over-stayed their visa). That same Article & Section requires the United States to protect each of the States of the Union from invasion. The Executive Branch not only fails to provide that protection, they have been welcoming the invaders! Of course the result often manifests its self in loss of life for some of our people when those invaders indulge in mass shootings and mayhem.

Moreover, some of our cities have decided the Constitution means little or nothing and welcome the invaders to their “Sanctuary City” Those cities need to have a crash course in civics, placing emphasis on the Constitution, for everyone living there. At the very least, all sanctuary cities need to lose their federal funding until they comply with the Constitution and no longer encourage invaders to come there. Two things would then happen: 1) they would close their schools because they depend on “Revenue Sharing”; 2) the constituents would change their public office holders. Naturally, all of the things those cities do will be affected, police, sanitation, administration of all sorts will have to tighten their belts or simply cease operations.

Remember too, when people say we cannot allow Muslims here without violating the freedom of religion, they have lost sight of the First Amendment, which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” nowhere is there a Constitutional separation of church and state in our Constitution or Bill of Rights. “Muslim” is synonymous with “Islam,” and therein is no separation of church and state, they are a theocracy, and their leaders are their religion’s leaders. Welcome Muslims and you get their religion and their Sharia Law. Moreover, they want to either convert us all, or kill us. Never mind making a distinction between Radical Muslims and Moderate Muslims: the Radical wants to kill us, and the Moderate is willing to have him do it! There can be no place in our country for Muslims of any sort and certainly not in Sanctuary Cities or elsewhere! Even Muslims born here offer a threat as borne out in the events involving America-born Muslims, who joined ISIS or Al Quada and/or committed crimes in their name.

 Dick Wells

Patriots need to consider their choice of words 

 Dick Wells
Dick Wells
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