Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Smell That Big Red
Chinese Rat?

 I was walking my dog past a neighbor's home in the middle of the afternoon. He was working in his driveway and I stopped to ask him what the heck he was doing at home and not at work making missile and rocket parts? I chastised him for not being at work and asked him if he realized North Korea was fixing to attack and the US would need all the missiles we could muster.

  My neighbor works for a manufacturing company that makes parts for the THAAD or the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense missile system, and from what I understand, he makes parts for other missile systems. The THAAD is the system we deployed to South Korea to try to intercept North Korean ballistic missiles that may be launched  targeting the US mainland.

  Did my neighbor not understand that the godless communist regime of Little Kim, and the North Korean sycophant laden people's army were planning to destroy our American way of life? We will need missiles and lots of them.

  It would appear there was some kind of minor production problem and for my neighbor and there was not going to be a second shift at the manufacturing plant, so he was cleaning his garage.

  I smell a big Red Chinese rat, and I hope I am not the only one to be considering an alternate combat scenario, and the reasons for a potential war on the Korean peninsula.

  It would appear that the Chinese want Taiwan back. Now, you might say to yourself, so what? Mainland China has wanted Formosa back for over 100 years since the Japanese took it away from them, and then Chang Kai Shek and his gang of Western-backed thugs took possession of that island to keep it away from communist thug control.

  Red China wants Formosa back and they are done playing around.

    Out there in the un-classified world and I must assume in the classified world, the word is that mainland Red China is fixing to attack, conquer and hold forever the island of Formosa. The plan is to accomplish this in 2020. Why that is only two years away, can they really do it?

  It would appear that the Red Chinese are working hard to make this combat take-back of Taiwan a reality. They are stationing land based aircraft along their southern coast that can strike Taiwan and return to their home air bases without refueling in the air.

  The Red Chinese are positioning missiles on their southern coast which are right across the water from Taiwan and can create massive destruction on Formosa. Always remember that the Chinese invented rockets and they are very good at building and deploying (with accuracy) their stockpile of missiles. It is believed that in excess of 1000 Red Chinese missile are pointed at Taiwan and this number is growing.

  The Red Chinese are building a couple of helicopter, amphibious assault ships. After the airplanes and missiles soften up Taiwan, the Red Chinese People's army will motor over and take back “their” 100 plus year estranged island. Oh, and they will kill a lot of their fellow Chinese.

  The Red Chinese have developed some very effective anti-ship ballistic missiles to deter any third party's navy from trying to respond and back up Taiwan (read the US Navy and Marine Corps).

  The issue is, the foul odor of a Red Chinese rat is actually coming from the Korean peninsula. If the Red Chinese plan to get into a shooting war in 2020 with Taiwan and if the US is the most likely third party who will come to that island's aid, why not take out the US military capability in advance?

  Instigate with plausible deniability a conflict between the Koreas and wait until the US responds to help South Korea. Let the US take some losses, courtesy of Little Kim, and then rocket the hell out of South Korea and devastate the US troops on the ground. Then, China crosses the Yalu River into North Korea and drives the North Koreans south. China sets up a new demilitarized zone, let's say 100 miles south of the Yalu. China has a new buffer between them and the West. They push south any and all remaining North Koreans and make them become the problem for what is left of South Korea.

  Since the US military is no longer capable of fighting a two-front war, do not be surprised if Russia makes a move on NATO.

  As the US is licking its very serious wounds, China takes back Taiwan with limited resistance. With the US unable to respond to Taiwan the rest of the weak-sister Asian Pacific countries who always assume the US will be there to do their combat bidding (NATO thinks the same way) will not come to the aid of Taiwan.

  China wins, the big Red Chinese rat gets a victory parade in Tiananmen Square and there are tens of thousands of dead American troops who will need to be buried.
 Of course, the US military draft will have to be reactivated and that will cause lots of hate and discontent. We will need a major re-build of the military and lots of happily retired veterans will be recalled to active duty–like it or not.

  My guess is, somebody will roll out Jane Fonda in a wheelchair so she can protest yet again.

  There will be damage, destruction and ground combat on US soil given all the foreign national Chinese and Koreans who are legally in the US who might just work for their home nation's military.

  Every time I take my dog to see our veterinarian and I am in the animal exam room I think of Newt Gingrich's comment, that in future conflicts our emergency medical personal will be doing triage in veterinary clinics in the suburbs. Our hospitals will be overrun with injured, wounded and dying and a vet clinic will be like first world medicine in a third world country.

  Nobody is going to care about Obamacare, diversity, political correctness , helping the perpetually needy, or what you posted on Facebook. First off, there most likely will not be Facebook because I suspect “they” will go after our power grid.

  I am off to Walmart to do some shopping. It will not surprise me how many products on their shelves will be made in China. I am not Walmart bashing. Almost every retail operation in the country sells products made in Red China. We will have to do without most of their products and we will have to develop our own increased production of consumer goods. This will have to wait until we have our nation regrouped, re-armed, we have trained new soldiers and buried our dead–our oh so many dead.

  Again I say, I smell a big Red Chinese rat that has been rolling in North Korean kimchi.

  We shall not manage, we shall not endure, we shall overcome.
May God have mercy on those who force us to over

 Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl
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