Square Deal for Vets: “New Breed” Veterans Org to Leverage Veterans Passion, Political Participation into Public Policy in 2017

Square Deal Board Member, Sean Kilbane to Take Part in Veterans Panel at CPAC 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 24, 2017) – Today a group of nationally respected veterans and caregivers came together to announce the launch of a “new breed” veterans organization Square Deal for Veterans.  The organization, which will operate as a 501(c)(19) War Veterans organization, will build and deploy a national field network of advocates to support issues affecting severely wounded combat veterans and their caregivers.  
“Square Deal is a platform comprised of veterans and caregivers from around the nation that engaged in the political process to support Donald Trump for President and a wide range of conservative issues and candidates,” said Sarah Verardo, Square Deal’s Co-Founder and Board President.  “By providing veterans and caregivers with a dynamic platform to directly affect policy on the local, state and national levels going forward, we can translate the energy we had in 2016 into policy successes in 2017 and beyond.”
The 2016 election saw a record number of veteran voters participate in both the political process and media activities. Square Deal for Veterans is designed to carry the passion shown by our nation's heroes and continue to foster a productive dialogue with our nation’s elected leaders.  As the process of VA Reform begins in earnest, Square Deal will serve as a platform for the many voices who demanded change in 2016.
“We are thrilled to participate CPAC 2017—a crucial network of organizers and champions for change,” added Verardo.  “As part of the Veterans Panel, we hope to provide some insight into how we effectively mobilized the veteran vote in 2016 and shared our vision for channeling these successes to make lasting changes on issues that matter most to our nation’s heroes and their families.”
Speaking today on a panel entitled The Veteran Vote: 2016 Numbers, 2018 Plans will be Square Deal Board Member Sean Kilbane.  The 30-minute session, starting at 5:45 pm, Friday, February 24th, will be held at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor, MD.
Title: The Veteran Vote: 2016 Numbers, 2018 Plans
Moderator: Bob “Shoebob” Carey, Director, Military & Veterans Engagement, Republican National Committee
•          Mark Lucas, Executive Director, Concerned Veterans                for America
•          Sean Kilbane, Board Director, Square Deal for Veterans
Topics and Questions:
•          How did veterans vote in 2016?
•          Why did they vote the way they did?
•          What are the key factors in winning the veteran vote?
•          What can organizations do to engage veteran voters in            upcoming elections?
•          What opportunities are there for veterans to get      
           involved in politics?
•          Why should veterans get involved in politics?

About the Square Deal for Veterans:
Square Deal is a national grassroots organization that will work to ensure that the momentum created by America’s veterans continues in the Trump Administration.  The organization is designed to ensure our military veterans and caregivers have a direct role in the reshaping of the VA and on policies affecting Veterans. For more information, visit  www.squaredealforvets.org  or call (980) 349-8495.
About CPAC:
ACU founded and hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the birthplace of modern conservatism.  CPAC combines ideas with action to leverage the strength of thousands of grass-roots activists to break through the resistance of Washington’s powerful elites.