The VA is spending millions of dollars to collect debts that it created


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Maine patient harmed by Togus podiatrist hopes revelations benefit younger vets
Combat veteran Jim Barrows of Brownville says he tried unsuccessfully for years to sound the alarm about poor record-keeping and inadequate disciplinary practices at the Togus Veterans Administration Medical Center in Augusta.

New VA hospital rankings: The worst still the worst
 Many of the worst VA hospitals in the country last year remain among the worst this year, according to internal rankings released Wednesday by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Are you eligible for more VA benefits? New web matrix explains primary, derivative benefits
At the Veterans Benefits Administration, we often come in contact with people who ask, What are my benefits? What am I eligible for? Or, I receive X benefit, but what other benefits can I use?

Veteran's home from nonprofit never finished
 Community members and media visited to see the progress, and organizers touted a successful project for a worthy hero..

They served their country, but now a VA service they rely on will end
Some veterans got the notice in the mail last week. An in-home service they rely on, through the Department of Veterans Affairs, will end next month. 

Judge suggests lawsuits against VA could proceed if doctor covered up substandard care
A federal judge suggested Wednesday that a Veterans Administration podiatrist accused of providing substandard care to dozens of patients at the Togus VA hospital may have concealed vital information from his patients, which could allow six lawsuits against the VA to go forward.
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Disabled veteran fights massive tax bill from IRS
William Milzarski, 46, is a highly decorated, disabled Michigan Army veteran, but now he's being forced to take on a new battle. The IRS has left him with a financial burden he struggles to carry.

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