Four former VA Secretaries: There's an historic and welcome transformation underway at the VA

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We served in the post of Secretary of Veterans Affairs for a combined total of 12 years from 2001 to 2017, coinciding with the terrorist attacks on the United States and the war years that followed.

As veterans, we served in Vietnam and in the post-Vietnam era military and understand all too well the problems that have beset the Department of Veterans Affairs in the past and the challenges now facing the VA as it cares for veterans from World War ll and Korea through Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.


VA Wants Your Input on How to Implement Free Urgent Care Benefit
The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking public input on how best to provide veterans with free civilian urgent care. The VA Mission act of 2018  

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These volunteers spent 21 years comforting dying veterans, now the VA is evicting them
The Veterans Affairs hospital in West Los Angeles is evicting a volunteer group that spent 21 years at the bedsides of dying patients who otherwise would have been alone in their final moments.

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The Pentagon orders more troops to the southern border, likely irking Democratic lawmakers who view the mission as little more than a political stunt.
The Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs may be considering merging parts of their two health care programs in a move that could alter how about 19 million military personnel, retirees, dependents and veterans receive care.
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Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro has laid groundwork in the new Congress for an offensive to aid tens of thousands of veterans with bronchial problems and other ailments they say were caused by breathing the toxic smoke of battlefield burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Complex VA Claims Process

Veterans may be able to seek more private healthcare under a new proposed rule from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which Secretary Robert Wilkie says is a move to improve care quality for veterans, not VA privatization.
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