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     Not everyone cruises right into a routine once back home from the military. In fact, most of us will or have encountered feelings of being disenfranchised from everyone else, especially if we had been in combat. A First Sergeant once said that it takes six-months to adjust for every year we spent in the service. I know of combat vets that have never really returned home. That lost comradeship leaves a very big hole.

As a veteran with several deployments, it’s exciting to hear about a group that is looking out for others coming home, particularly from the Middle East. US Patriot Sailing is rather unique.

Because of the problems experienced by returning vets, an active duty Navy officer, Peter Quinn, founded a group called US Patriot Sailing in an effort to help solve those problems.

Peter realized transitioning Veterans needed resources to routinely engage with others who understand them, while also working hard, and focusing on a goal - as they did with their teams overseas. From individual accounts and comments about transitions, he knew being a part of a team again would help Veterans to deal with adjustment - feelings of disenfranchisement and loneliness; their symptoms of PTSD.
The idea of using sailboat racing to help veterans was successful in Britain and was expanded into a formal treatment by the UK’s Ministry of Defense’s health treatment for wounded soldiers. Sailing encompasses both time on the water and camaraderie afterwards. It is a stress killer and lots of fun.

Thus, the concept for US Patriot Sailing was born. The goal is to help Veterans access and benefit from the sport by integrating individuals into Veteran Teams to compete regionally and nationally - Teams currently exist in San Diego, CA; Annapolis, MD; and Norfolk VA. US Patriot Sailing is committed to helping Veterans access the sport wherever needed, so they also will help Veterans find access in other regions. Sailing is open to all ages and physical conditions, and can be enjoyed on almost any body of water, so do check out all the possibilities.

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US Patriot Sailing, a Unique Way to Deal with Coming Home

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